About Us

Committed To Safety & Professionalism

We understand the need to be able to trust who is in your home, and we
address this in several ways. Since the beginning, we have treated the
customer as the main priority. We do this by having skilled and reliable
window cleaning technicians who do the job right.

To ensure our equipment and team, are safe and professional, we:

  • Set forth strict background checks
  • Hand select our employees
  • Only hire employees that we trust to be a safe fit for any home or business
  • Train all our team members the proper, and safest ways, to handle all cleaning equipment
  • Ensure the customer is well informed of what needs to be done
  • Follow up and finalize the customer’s satisfaction with our services we completed

Please give us a call today at (907) 318-9178 to talk with one of our
friendly team members